YOUR FEEDBACK TO 💚 our approach

We created Tomojo in a desire to offer you a real alternative to conventional pet food for your furry friend and the planet 🐶

Formulated with veterinarians, our pet food are hypoallergenic and help relieve your pets' transit problems.

Your dermatological testimonials ✨

  • "Everything is good, since my dog has been taking Tomojo pet food, he has no more exema, less arthritis (he is 17 years old) and a very nice coat and also, he does not smell like a dog at all. I recommend TOMOJO to everyone I meet when I walk him."


  • "One of my cats had severe dermatitis, I had to completely change the diet of my 3 cats. I have tried several brands of pet food. Tomojo's is perfect for them and the delivery is fast"


  • "My dog didn't eat much and never asked for her bowl, in addition to her dermatological problems. Since she switched to Tomojo she asks for and finishes all her bowls, she has less dermato problems, her coat is more beautiful and softer, even if she still scratches, her skin is not damaged, the problem may come from elsewhere. Thanks to you, it changes her life 😁 "


Your gastrointestinal testimonials 🍏

  • "We have a little poly-allergic dog and before Tomojo, it was complicated (not to say difficult) to find a diet she could tolerate. Now that she has her Tomojo pet food, Misa is so much better! And frankly, at the level sustainable, it's great également👍🏻 "


  • "Our cat would not tolerate any other pet food. We won't change anymore! "


  • "My dog really likes Tomojo pet food. No more problems with diarrhea or hard stools. She always finishes her bowls. Also, the customer service for the subscription is very efficient and the delivery fast."