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Recipe rich in insect proteins (32%).
Made in France with healthy and digestible ingredients: sorghum, apple pomace, spirulina.
Limited number of allergens (no milk, egg, sulphites).

Our pet food for cats is rich in protein and suitable for sensitive animals thanks to its limited number of allergens. Made with sorghum, a cereal with antioxidant properties, our recipe is formulated with veterinarians to provide all the essential nutrients for your pet. And of course our pet food contains no antibiotics or artificial preservatives.

Each pack of pet food for cats is packaged in biodegradable packaging and saves 130 litres of water compared to pet food with beef.


Dehydrated insects 28% min, corn gluten, peas**, sorghum**, potato starch, sunflower oil, linseed cake**, yeast, animal protein hydrolysate*, beet pulp, dicalcium phosphate, lithothamnion, chicory root powder, calcium carbonate, apple pomace**, whole chia seeds, a mixture of plants rich in natural saponins (Yucca schidigera juice, Camellia sp. Quillaja saponaria, Chenopodium quinoa), flax, thyme, oregano, parsley, marjoram, spirulina.


Crude protein
Crude fat
Crude ash
Crude cellulose


Additives (per kg):

Vitamins: A (3a672a): 20020 IU, D3 (3a671): 546 IU, E (3a700): 346 IU, 3a370 Taurine: 1365 mg/kg. Trace elements : E1 Iron : 91 mg, Copper 3b405/3b406: 11 mg, Zinc 3b603/3b606: 136,5mg, Manganese 3b503/3b504: 59mg, Iodine 3b201: 2,3mg, Selenium 3b801: 0,24mg, Amino acids: DL Methionine (3c301) : 1820 mg. Technological additives: Preservatives, Antioxidants, Binders : E562 Sepiolite: 1820 mg.

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What is the daily ration?

Your cat's needs depend on its weight, to give it the right ration refer to this table.
And to prolong the party, you can divide his daily amount of pet food into two portions.

Fresh, clean water should always be available. For your pet's health, consult a veterinarian regularly.

The food transition

Each change of diet in a cat's life requires a dietary transition stage. This essential phase allows them to gradually adapt to their new pet food, to become familiar with their taste and to limit digestive problems.

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