Why use insects in their diet ?

For too long, our pets' food bowls have been filled with poor quality food. We rarely know where it comes from, how it is made, or what impact it has on the environment.

Tomojo's recipe replaces conventional animal meat with insect protein. Their production uses fewer of our precious natural resources and also requires no growth hormones or antibiotics.

1 KG of insects represents

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  • 200 times less water

    needed to produce
    1 kg of chicken

  • Zero antibiotics

    unlike most
    salmon farms

  • 7 times less CO2

    emitted than to produce
    1 kg of beef


Today, we have succeeded in selecting irreproachable and traceable products. We are proud to be able to count among our ingredients more than 16 French products. Located in Mayenne, our manufacturers produce our recipes with the greatest care and especially a lot of love.

Insects raised in Holland

The insects used in Tomojo pet food are raised on certified farms and are being fed with a balanced blend of locally sourced, agricultural residues.
We use Hermetia Illucens insects (also known as black soldier flies) that are raised in Holland.


Our packaging are also completely biodegradable. Our manufacturing partner is based in Italy and is a leader on the sustainable packaging market.

Discover our story

Behind Tomojo, there are two childhood friends, Madeleine and Paola, a militant dog (Mojo) and an ecological cat (Hiro). They all agree that we must act for the planet by consuming differently! "One evening, I was looking at Mojo, who weighs 50kg, and I thought that even if I was careful with my meat consumption, he ate meat every single day and that maybe that was something to look into.

The two childhood friends found themselves in the same Master of Environmental Sciences in London in 2015. They returned to France and embarked on their entrepreneurship adventure, participating in Ticket For Change. Their idea was to find a less polluting substitute to meat. They then discovered insect proteins and their nutritional properties. They were assisted by a veterinarian specialized in animal nutrition and by two AgroParisTech researchers to formulate the first Tomojo recipe.

Our ecological impact in 2020

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  • 18,356 bathtubs

    of water saved

  • 51 soccer fields

    in m2 of agricultural space preserved

  • 410 Paris-New York flights

    of not emitted CO2