Insect based pet food. Healthier pet for a healthier planet.

Tomojo is an insect based pet food for dog and cat, for a healthy, transparent and ecological diet. Discover our recipes !


The pet food for puppies and kittens have arrived ...

A balanced, healthy and sustainable insect recipe for puppies and kittens to give them the best.

I discover

All we need is love and insects :

Biodiversity has found its mojo

Tomojo is committed to the NGO Fauna & Flora International

At Tomojo we believe that ALL dogs and cats deserve a life full of Mojo, including wild animals. Our collaboration with FFI helps to preserve their natural habitats.

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  • Why insects proteins ?

    The Tomojo recipe replaces conventional animal meat with insect meal. It is a source of high quality protein, rich in fatty acids and amino acids, traceable and antibiotic free. Our black soldier flies (hermetia illucen) come from certified farms in Holland.

  • high quality ingredients

    Made in France with tasty and digestible ingredients and a limited number of allergens, Tomojo pet food is a suitable food for cats and dogs with intolerances or allergies.

  • approved by the planet !

    Insects production requires less agricultural space, much less water and emits less greenhouse gas than any conventional intensive meat production, for an equivalent quantity of protein.

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  • 18,356 bathtubs

    of water saved

  • 51 soccer fields

    in m2 of agricultural space preserved

  • 410 Paris-New York flights

    of not emitted CO2

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Our recipe is formulated with the utmost care by our veterinarian specialised in animal nutrition.
He ensures the quality of our products on a daily basis.
You can check out our Q&A to read about his tips and advice for your pets. Do not hesitate to ask him your questions, we will answer you at best!


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